Update: Thank you to my colleagues for being selected 2016 Top Docs and 2016 SJ Top Docs for Kids.  And again, thank you to all my clients. It was such a nice surprise to be recognized by the parents in South Jersey as their pick for top child and adolescent psychiatrist, 2015 SJ Top Docs for Kids.


If you, your child or your family are suffering from sadness, worry, conflict, attention difficulties, behavior problems, problems related to a head injury/concussion or other concerning issues, you have come to the right place. I am a physician who believes in getting to know you and your family in order to provide a comprehensive and thorough evaluation and personalized integrated treatment. The overall goal is to help relieve suffering and improve your quality of life.

I am a board certified, licensed physician trained in the practice of adult, child and adolescent psychiatry. I assess emotional difficulties from medical, psychological, developmental, social, family, environmental and biological perspectives. I have expertise in the use of customized and collaborative therapeutic approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), supportive therapy, family approaches for children with behavioral difficulties, family therapy, mental training and sports psychiatry. As a physician, I also recognize that at times medications are indicated and aid in the recovery process. When appropriate, I will work with you on personalized, state-of-the-art medication management.

I am also available to provide guidance for schools, consultations to other mental health professionals, public speaking, group training and second opinions regarding diagnosis and treatment using my training in the gold standard of child and adolescent psychiatric assessment.

So, I invite you to learn more about me. Together we can improve your life.

Check out my group practice website at www.centrapc.com